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Beta HCG Point Of Care Testing Kits

Beta HCG Point Of Care Testing Kits

  • Beta HCG Point Of Care Testing Kits
Beta HCG Point Of Care Testing Kits
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Item: Point Of Care Testing Kits Physiological Functions: Promote The Change Of Endometrium And Decidua
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beta HCG point of care testing kits


Clinical point of care testing kits

POCT Clinical Diagnostic test reagent beta HCG for immunofluorescence


HCG‘s Main Physiological Functions


After the combination of egg and sperm, HCG began to perform its main duties,

* Stimulate menstrual corpus luteum into pregnancy corpus luteum, maintain the continuous secretion of estrogen and progesterone

* Promote the change of endometrium and decidua

* Suppression of maternal immune system rejection


HCG is composed of α and β subunits. α subunit is similar to α subunit of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), luteinizing hormone (LH) and thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) secreted by pituitary gland, while β subunit is specific. Therefore, β - HCG antibody is generally used to detect β - HCG in specimens. Because the concentration of β - HCG is closely related to the process of pregnancy, it is often used to diagnose early pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy, threatened abortion, postpartum and postoperative monitoring of induced abortion.


Application of HCG in the diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy


Ectopic pregnancy refers to the implantation of pregnant eggs outside the uterine cavity. The incidence of ectopic pregnancy in early pregnant women is 2% - 3%. Tubal pregnancy accounts for more than 90% of ectopic pregnancy, which is the first disease of maternal mortality in early pregnancy. Continuous determination of serum HCG is helpful to distinguish normal pregnancy from abnormal pregnancy. The lowest increase of serum HCG in normal intrauterine pregnancy at 48h interval depends on its initial serum HCG value.


Initial Serum HCG Concentration <1500U/L





Minimum Increase 49% 40% 33%


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